Kamis, 18 Juni 2009

A New General Fell Like A King

Once upon a time in Chinese Ancient, there were a monarchy which was so glorious, leaded by a wise king. The Civilian lived in prosperity and taxation was abolished by the king, so that they revered their king.

Inside the monarchy there were the chosen war-generals that were great. They looked so naïve and mount over their subordinate. But from all the generals, there were a conceited general. He used to be a warrior who just being promoted as a general for his merit to the king. However, that made him pretentious.

He always gave weird commands and asked his warriors to revered him as if he was the king. Every time the warriors meet him, they will grovel at him and saluted him “Wan Xui.. Wan Xui…Wan Wan Xui…” (Long Life…Long Life…Long Life forever), which was esoteric only to The King.

“I was your leader, and all of you should follow my orders, or you all died. There were no mercy for the rebels” The new General shouted to his warriors.

The warriors morally under pressured and per forced followed the new general. This made others senior generals impassived.

Someday, the most senior generals in the monarchy intended to give some advice to that new general, then he asked the new general to go with him to a pasturage. In the compulsory condition, the new general followed his senior and said :

“why did you ask me to come here generals?” The new general shouted.
“ I saw you made a big achievement in your career and had a wide knowledge, I intended to have a discussion with you”, the senior generals replied friendly.
“What did you want to discuss, just said it”, the new general insisted.
“Let’s took a look at the lizard over there, did you think the lizard could fly as the birds over there?” the senior general asked.
“hahahahhahah….stupid question, of course not, lizard was lived on the ground, its couldn’t fly like the birds, that was a simple question, why did you give it to me?” The new general asked.
“What would happen if the lizard also want to fly?” the senior general asked again.
“surely the lizard would fall to the ground and died…., was that right?” the new general replied.
“absolutely right…just like we were. As a man we should know our position, if we insisted to have a position that wasn’t belong to us, we’d be died just like the lizard” the senior general explained wisely.

As though by the thunderstruck, the new general felt his fault. He was a general and couldn’t consider he was the king. Because if the king knew this, surely the death was waiting for him.

~In this world we can find a worker who fell he is the boss to others workers, behave off hand, without realize his position. This can be wise if we know and responsible on our position, never surpass the authority that aren’t belong to us, of course, we’ll “Died” in our friendship. Never ever fell as a KING, if we are just a general or warrior. With earnestness, effort and responsibility, truly that position will come to us, without acting like a new general who is pretending to be a fake king.”~

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sawali tuhusetya mengatakan...

hmmm .... sebuah kisah klasik yang menarik, mas wildan. kisah2 legenda dari tiongkok memang khas dan unik.

wildan vai mengatakan...

mksh pak sawali,..udh mau mampir ke gubuk saya,..maturnuwun.

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